Apricots Fruit

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Apricots Fruit

Apricots (Prunus armeniaca), the most commonly cultivated apricot species, also called ansu apricot, Siberian apricot, Tibetan apricot, is a species of Prunus, classified with the plum in the subgenus Prunus.

Apricots Fruit

Apricots can be a healthy addition to the diet of an expecting mother. However, it is very important that you wash them properly to get rid of parasites and harmful bacteria that results in food borne disease like listerosis and toxoplasmosis according to the American Pregnancy Association and FDA.

Health Benefits of Apricots Fruit for Beauty and During Pregnancy (Pregnant Women)

Here are some amazing Health Benefits of Apricots Fruit for Beauty and During Pregnancy (Pregnant Women)
Belonging to the Rosaceae family, apricots include plumps, peaches, cherries and almonds. According to research findings around 1 to 2 kernels can be safely consumed on a daily basis. Here we shall look closely at the benefits of apricot during pregnancy:

1. Overcoming constipation

High fiber content makes apricots are often recommended for treating constipation.

In addition, the fruit is also able to assist in digestion and destroys intestinal worms.

2. Benefits to the eye

The high levels of beta carotene in apricots is beneficial to increase eye health, especially in preventing macular degeneration.

Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant that can protect the body from many health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Prevent cancer and heart disease

Apricots are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and lycopene. These antioxidants may reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

4. Treating anemia

Apricots can be used to treat anemia. This is because the apricots contain minerals such as iron and copper that helps in the production of hemoglobin.

5. Relieves asthma

Apricots health benefits including its ability to relieve symptoms of asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchitis.

6. Healthy Skin

Apricot oil was found effective in skin care. In addition to making your skin glow and smooth, apricot oil was also able to treat scabies and eczema.



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