Mango for Women

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Did you know that about Health benefits of mango for women pregnant, during pregnancy and lose weight (Diet). The mango is a juicy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous tropical fruiting trees, cultivated mostly for edible fruit. The majority of these species are found in nature as wild mangoes.


Balanced nutrition should always be obtained by pregnant women, so that the baby’s nutritional needs are met. One good healthy food consumed is mango. Mangoes including seasonal fruit, so you have to be patient to be able to enjoy it when the mango season arrives. Various types of mangoes can you consume. You can eat mango species is your favorite. Actually, what are the benefits of mangoes for women pregnant, during pregnancy and lose weight (Diet)?

Health benefits of mango for women pregnant, during pregnancy and lose weight (Diet)

1. Digestive system

Mango fruit is high in fiber which is very functional in the digestive system. So if a woman feel complaints of constipation can be prevented and cured by eating mangoes. So that the digestive system back smoothly and you can defecate without any constraint. Condition of the digestive system is not smooth disruption can adversely affect the absorption of nutrients in the body. Although the fiber content in the mango fruit is very good, but you should not eat mango in large portions at a time. More recommended you eat a mango in small amounts once the presentation. This is because if you consume large amounts of fiber at once can cause excessive gas in the stomach. So that this condition makes you uncomfortable.

2. Balance body fluids

Potassium and potassium in the mango able to maintain fluid balance in the body. If the volume is too much fluid in the body, it can be bad for pregnant women. Adverse effects often experienced is the swelling of the legs. This condition is very dangerous because it often makes pregnant women difficulty in walking.

3. Against free radicals

Mango fruit is rich in vitamin C are included in the category of antioxidants. These compounds can protect your body against cancer. Because of this very potent antioxidant against free radical attack. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are produced by a variety of chemical systems in the body, solar radiation, cigarette smoke and other environmental influences around you. These free radicals can lead to bottlenecks in the development of the fetus. Because free radicals are very difficult to avoid. Therefore antioxidants needed by your body.

4. Increase energy and stamina

Mango fruit enriched with sugar content is sucrose and healthy source of carbohydrates. So if a pregnant woman eating mangoes will not make blood sugar levels soaring. So that when you limp body can consume fresh mango fruit. In order for your stamina and energy recovery. Mangoes are very good you make healthy and nutritious snack.

5. Improving visual function

Mangoes are also enriched with vitamins A very well-known for maintaining eye health. With mango consumption, then your vision function will remain intact. Likewise with your fetus, organ development will take place with good eyesight.

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