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Amazing Benefits of Muntingia fruit for your health

Muntingia calabura, the sole species in the genus Muntingia, is a flowering plant native to southern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and western South America south to Peru and Bolivia.Common names include (English) Jamaican cherry, Panama berry, Singapore cherry, Sabah cherry, Bajelly tree, Strawberry tree; (Spanish) bolaina, yamanaza, cacaniqua, capulín blanco, nigua, niguito, memizo or memiso; (Indonesia) kersen, talok; (Vietnamese) (cây) Trứng cá; and (Filipino) aratilis, and sarisa.

Every 100 grams of cherry has a content which is divided as follows: Water (77.8 grams), Protein (0,384 grams), fat (1.56 gram), carbohydrate (17.9 grams), fiber (4.6 grams), Abu (1.14 grams), calcium (124.6 mg), phosphorus (84mg), iron (1.18 mg), Carotene (0,019g), Tianin (0,065g), Ribofalin (0,037g), Niacin (0.554 g) and the content of vitamin C (80.5 mg) value of energy produced is 380KJ / 100 grams.

Well if you talk to nutritional problems, in every 100 grams of this plant contain: 76.3 g of water, 2.1 g protein, 2.3 g fat, 17.9 g carbohydrate, (, 0 g fiber, 1.4 g ash , 125 mg calcium, 94 mg phosphorus, 0,015 mg of vitamin A, 90 mg of vitamin C. The energy is 380 kJ / 100 g

Benefits of Muntingia fruit for your health


Decoction of leaves of cherry (cherry) has proved efficacy can kill microbes or as an antiseptic. Series leaf decoction is proven to kill bacteria as follows: C. Diptheriae, S. aureus, P. vulgaris, S. Epidemidis, and K. Rhizophil. Allegedly anti-bacterial activity of this series leaves caused by the presence of compounds such as tannins, flavonoids and saponins has.


Decoction of leaves of cherry (cherry) also have properties to reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory) and also reduce the heat.


Leaf cherry (Cherry) is also reported to have anti-tumor effects, where the content of flavonoid compound that belongs to the leaf cherry (Cherry) was found to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in vitro / laboratory.

4. ANTI uric acid (uric acid)

In Indonesia, traditionally cherry fruit (cherry) has been used to treat gout by consuming cherry fruit sebayak 9 points 3 times a day. It is proven to reduce pain caused by the disease gout.
A few of my posts about the Benefits of cherry fruit (Cherries) For Health, I hope this post brings the benefits of information for us all.

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