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The garden strawberry is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria. It is cultivated worldwide for its fruit. The fruit is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness.


Strawberry is a small, low-lying, spreading shrub. It bears small white flowers which eventually develop into small conical, light green, immature fruits. They turn red upon maturity with each berry featuring red pulp with tiny, yellow color seeds piercing through its surface from inside. Its top end carry a green leafy cap and stem that is adorning its crown.

Each berry features conical shape, weighs about 25 grams and measures about 3 cm in diameter. The berries have the taste that varies by cultivar, and ranges from quite sweet to acidic.

Although wild varieties are sometimes available in the market, large-scale production uses the modern “plasticulture” system. In this method, raised beds are formed each year, fumigated, and covered with plastic, which prevents weed growth and crop spoiling.

What are the Health benefits of Strawberry?

To that end, by consuming eight strawberries can be beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels because it contains about 50 calories and the calories it contains about 30 micrograms of folic acid. As for pregnant women, consume the equivalent of 8 fruit strawberry folic acid daily needs as much as 7.5% of 400 micrograms.

Folic acid is a B vitamins that is very beneficial to the health of pregnant women, and can play a role in helping the formation of red blood cells, erythrocytes and the development of the nervous system.

Here are some amazing Health benefits of Strawberry for Pregnant Women (During Pregnancy):

  1. Prevent anemia, strawberry fruit contain iron which is very useful in preventing anemia in pregnant women
  2. Preventing excess weight in fetuses
  3. Prevent acne during pregnancy
  4. Prevent the risk of premature birth and risk of heart abnormalities
  5. Prevent fetuses exposed to the risk of neural tube defects
  6. Lowering cholesterol levels
  7. Prevent cervical cancer, breast cancer and throat cancer
  8. Overcoming swelling of the hands and feet
  9. Reduce nausea and vomiting
  10. Keeping the immune system
  11. energy source
  12. Digestive system launched
  13. Folic acid daily to meet the needs of pregnant women
    prevent leukemia
  14. Accelerate the growth of the brain in fetuses
  15. Accelerate the growth of bones and teeth
  16. Increases the body’s resistance to infection
  17. Fetal heart healthy
  18. Expedite the process at the time of delivery and many other benefits.

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